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Site Usage Visitor Agreement | Visitor Agreement

By using and/or, you agree to abide by the terms of our visitor agreements. These agreements provide information about general provisions, features we provide to our members, disclaimers, and more.

Contrat de visiteur: |
Acuerdo del Visitante: |

Privacy Policy respects the privacy of its users. This policy outlines the information that collects online and what it does with this information.

Politique de protection des renseignements personnels | Declaración de Privacidad

Terms of Use

Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions outline the policies that apply when you attend any Manheim auction or use any Manheim service.

Conditions générales de Manheim | Términos y condiciones de Manheim


2016 NAAA Arbitration | Addendum for OVE

Manheim uses the National Auto Auction Association arbitration policy as a basis for investigating all claims that arise when there are questions about how a vehicle was represented during the sale process. The Addendum contains information about Vehicle Availability (Additional Seller Responsibilities, Item 4), which is relevant to sellers.

NAAA Limited Guarantee Overview
This overview provides background and summary information about the NAAA limited guarantee. For full details of the limited guarantee, please see Section II (Sale Light System) and Appendix I (NAAA Arbitration Policy Guidelines) of the NAAA Arbitration policy.

Open Safety Recall Awareness

Manheim supports the National Auto Auction Association's position statement about recalls from the motor vehicle manufacturers, as well as the NAAA Arbitration Policy.

Manheim Highline Arbitration Dollar Amount Qualification Threshold

Seller/Limited Guarantee Arbitration Policy

Effective May 4, 2015: The NAAA limited guarantee replaced this policy.

Local Site Arbitration Policy

$3000 & Under Arbitration Policy

In order to promote a consistent buying and selling experience for our customers, effective August 1, 2011, Manheim has adopted the attached arbitration policy for all vehicles selling for $3000 and under. This version replaces all location-specific policies with respect to selling amount and mileage thresholds at all U.S. operating locations.

Politique d'arbitrage pour les achats de 3000 $ ou moins | Política de arbitraje para transacciones de $3,000 o menos

Total Resource Auctions (TRA) Arbitration Policy

This arbitration policy applies to Total Resource Auctions sales and overrides any inconsistent policies.

Politique d’arbitrage de Manheim pour Total Resource Auctions (TRA) | Política de arbitraje de Subastas de Recursos Totales (TRA) de Manheim

Specialty Powersports Addendum to NAAA Arbitration Policy

This addendum applies to Manheim Specialty sales (boat, RV, motorcycle, and powersport vehicles) transactions and overrides any inconsistent policies.

Addenda de Manheim à la Politique d’arbitrage de la NAAA, portant sur véhicules spéciaux et les véhicules de sports motorisés | Enmienda de vehículos especializados y vehículos para deportes a motor de Manheim a la Política de arbitraje de la NAAA

Location-Specific Auction Title Policy

Due to variations in either state law or geographic customs, some guidelines are unique to each Manheim location with respect to the amount of time a seller has to surrender title. This reference sheet lists the specific time allowances concerning limits to surrender title (T/A days) for each U.S. location.

Spécificités locales concernant la Politique des services de vente aux enchères relative aux titres de propriété | Política de título de propiedad específica para una localidad

Sale Policies

Second Chance Sale Arbitration Policy

This policy applies to all vehicles/units sold using the Manheim Second Chance Sale program.

All vehicles/units sold under Manheim’s Second Chance Sale program are bound to the National Auto Auction (NAAA) Arbitration Policy’s “Inlane” rules. See the NAAA Arbitration Policy for all guidelines

Post-Sale Inspection (PSI) Policy

Manheim developed this tool as a way to allow our customers to stay focused on making sound purchasing decisions. Dealers that purchase a PSI have Manheim assurance that the vehicle passed a rigorous test and was properly represented by the seller. Further, Manheim stands behind every inspection for 7 or 14 days from the date the service was completed.

Politique d'inspection post-vente de Manheim | Política de inspección posventa de Manheim

Sale Day Check Policy

The updated PSI policy excludes vehicles with 125,000 miles or more from receiving a PSI. Some buyers have requested that these higher mileage vehicles have major systems checked to provide more information on the purchase. Because of this, Manheim developed the Sale Day Check.

Politique de contrôle lors du jour de vente | Política de revisión el día de la venta

Cash Handling Policy

The cash handling fee applies to any vehicle purchases paid with cash. Effective January 4, 2016, the $50 fee will be implemented at all Manheim North America auction locations.

Seller Policies Priced Right Policy

This policy is geared to those users looking to offer their inventory in the wholesale arena 24 hours a day. The Priced Right Policy outlines the steps to successfully price your vehicle in the largest wholesale online marketplace in the industry.

Politique du prix juste OVE | Política del precio correcto

Site Usage Visitor Agreement / Contrat de visiteur - | Visitor Agreement / Contrat de visteur -

By using and/or, you agree to abide by the terms of our visitor agreement. This agreement provides information about general provisions, features we provide to our members, disclaimers, and more.

Privacy Policy / Politique de protection des renseignements personnels

Manheim respects the privacy of its users. This policy outlines the information that Manheim collects online and what it does with this information.


Manheim Canada Arbitration Policy v3.0 | Politique canadienne d'arbitrage
v3.0 (effective 1/1/2014)

The current Manheim Canada arbitration policy is Revision 3.0 (January 2014). This policy supersedes any previous policy. Any policy that contradicts Revision 3.0 will be invalid. Contact the operating location's arbitration manager if you are unclear as to any policy issues.